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AACI covers a full range of interests


AACI is on the frontline as far as manufacturing and industrial design. AACI can design and manufacture epoxy resins, silicones and polyurethanes to meet the varied requirements of industry. With our vast range of composite materials available to us, we ofter partener with many leading companies to pioneer proceeses to help create cutting edge and world leading products. 



AACI is often described by others as the 'Bunnings of Boating', because under one roof at AACI, the boatie can purchase all the composite needs to costruct a boat, all the fittings and fasteners, all the sealers and paints, plus a range of antifouls. Contact us and we are sure that you find something that 'floats you boat'!

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Building & Construction

At AACI, we are fortunate to have in stock (or be able to develop and manufacture) a whole range of products geared specifically for the building and construction fields. From our Basalt reinforcing, through to our epoxy coatings. From our fireproof coatings through to our sealants and specialty silicones. AACI can meet the stringent needs of the most diserning Builders and Archetects. 


Arts and Crafts

AACI has not only world leading and specific resins for this market, but we also carry the Mont Marte range of art supplies. We have specific moulding silicones and a full range of pigments. Everything that the 'Art and Crafter' needs and all in one place.


Defence and Aerospace

AACI has developed several specific products that find great applications in both aerospace and defence. From our bullet proof composites through to our 2500 deg C fire proof epoxy coatings, AACI comes conversation with soverien contry manufacturers including Australia.

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At AACI, we are  presented with everyday problems and usually find great solutions. From the manufacturer in Germany who wants a breathable coating for his benchtop manufacturing? To the auto after market manufacturer who needs a solution to make him world competative, to the skate board retailer who wants to produce their own specific products and to the industrial design students, who come to us to find solutions to a range of designs. All processes can usually be caterered for with products supplied by AACI. 

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