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Instructions for use:

Description of product: 'PurrProp' is a three-stage process. Stage 1: Acid Etch the surface. Stage 2: Apply 'PurrProp' Etch Primer . Stage 3: Mix and apply 'PurrProp'

Preparation: Clean the shaft and propellor of all scales, crustations, old antifoul etc and bring the surfaces to a bright metal finish.

PLEASE NOTE: When using 'PurrProp' components, always wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), with the minimum of safety goggles, protective gloves and work in a well ventilated outside environment.


Application of 'PurrProp': 

Tear the corner of the plastic sachet containing the phosphoric acid etch, remove the wipe and use it to wipe all surfaces to be coated. Remember to wear gloves and eye protection for this process as the sachet contains a 15% Phosphoric Acid solution. When wipe down is complete, insert the wipe cloth back into the sachet and dispose of it in landfill. Allow about 2 hours for Acid etch to work on the surface before going to stage 2 and applying 'PurrProp' Etch Primer.


Immediately prior to mixing the 'PurrProp' etch primer (the second part of a three part process), wipe the propellor and shaft down with a clean cotton disposable rag, so as to make sure that no damp acid is still on the surface. Thoroughly stir the 'PurrProp' Etch Primer and apply in a smooth single coat with the brush provided. Make sure that there are no paint runs and the surface has a smooth and even coating. Allow to stand for a few hours and until dry (this maybe overnight in the case of wet or humid weather.


Mix stage 3, the 'PurrProp' mixture. To mix, simply add part B of the kit into part A container, stirring well, making sure that the purple-colored hardener is completely mixed along with the white-colored Part A. When mixed, allow a few minutes for the product to 'activate' and then apply.  The user will have at least 30 mins or more working time (could be up to 1 hr in cooler climates) to apply and during that time,  continual touching up of the surface may be required to stop drips from maring the finish. Once 'PurrProp' has thickened, then a nice glossy surface is the result. Allow to go hard (usually overnight). 


 Lastly, before the vessel is slipped and returned to the water, run over the coated 'PurrProp' areas with light sand using 240 grit sandpaper (provided in the kit)



Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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